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 The Human World Intro

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PostSubject: The Human World Intro    Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:03 pm

Main Story 1

The year is 0 A.A.A. A new Era for the human race. In the world of wrong, and  good. In the country of Mythrial a new Government has recently been created. Following the rules of a Monarchy.

Everything that is real, is governed by the Rules of Everything. The Rules of Everything were created by the God of Creation himself, to check on things for him to keep on creating. There are many worlds other than this one, one closer to the living world than others, and some farther than the eye can see. All of them are controled by the RoE. The closest one is what some call the Spirit World, while others call it Purgatory. Because this world is so close to the Living World, a connection can be made between spirits and humans by chance, making them rare. And if one would to gain a connection with a Spirit, that one would gain a skill. It could be as simple as moving things with their mind or as strong as controling the dead. The ones with these abilities are called "Spirit Users" and are all over the globe. Some use their skills for Evil, others use their skills for good, like groups in the past and groups yet to come.

Mythrial, being smaller and weaker than the other countries in the world, started building up their military. But that wasn't enough for the King to feel safe. So he quickly initiated a country wide recruitment, calling all the Spirit Users to join the Kings Special Ops. These Spirit Users will be trained, going on small missions gaining experiance and money for working with the King. They will be involved with world affairs, take part in wars to come, and deal with the problems the regular army can not.

This RP is energy based, every spirit user has an energy bar of 100 points, and depending on your skills a certain amount of points deplete from your "energy bar"


Kane put opened his Infinity Pouch, a couple of knives pop out floating in mid air, he closes it quickly and sends the knives at his opponent


That move required 1 point, while stronger and more complicated moves will be needing more points in order to use.

Through out the Main Rp new things will be unlocked that your characters can unlock, such as dungeons, tournaments, events, etc. There is also Lore that will be uncovered slowly as the RP moves along.

Character Sheet:

Age + Birthdate:
Skill sheet:


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Special Traits:


Skill Sheet:



Character Sheet:

Note word counts are guides i just want 1 liners .
Name: What's your character's name?
Spirit: What Spirit are you linked to. Feel free to give your spirit a cool name.
Sexuality: What gender(s) or race(s) is your character attracted to romantically? You can be Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or any other sort of sexual orientation which comes to mind.
Age + Birthdate: How old is your character? What day and month were they born on? (Year is not needed)
Nationality: [Pending]
Skill Sheet: What skills does your character have?
Personality: Explain everything about the way your character reacts to his or her surroundings. How do they act on a normal basis? How do they treat other people? This should be at least 200 words in length.

Likes: What does your character like? Include at least 2. There should be about 1 sentence for each, expanding on the like and stating why he or she likes it.

Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Include at least 2. There should be about 1 sentence for each, expanding on the dislike and stating why he or she dislikes it.

Phobias: Phobias are basically what your character fears. You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. Must be at least 75 words in length.

Aspirations: What drives your character? What are his or her goals? You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. Needs to be at least 75 words minimum

Face-Claim: Name of the character you use to represent YOUR character as well as its origin. You cannot use characters from Magi, nor real life. Please keep them to drawings, anime, manga, and video games.
Weight: How much does your character weigh? Please keep it in either pounds or kilograms.
Hair Color: What color is your hair?
Eye Color: What color are your eyes?
Height:How tall are you? Please keep it in feet/ inches.
Special Traits: Is there anything strange about your character? Do they have a tail for some reason even though they're human? Is there some strange condition he or she has, like multiple personalities or voices speaking in his or her head?
Appearance: At least 100 words on what your character looks like, what they wear, their body language, or even their fighting stances in battle.

History: Write a background for your character. Where'd he or she come from? What happened in their life to bring them to where they are now? This should be a minimum of 350 words in length.

Skill Sheet:

Name: Lava Manipulation
Cost/conditions: N/A
Range: Dependent on what is created
Duration: N/a
Cool-Down: N/a
Description: Allows the user to maniulate the Lave that his body is made of, into different shapes and manipulate it to his will. adjusting the temperature  in the high end levels.

Post in the right places in order to participate, and depending on how many people will join only a certain amount will be allowed into this Rp so make your character sheets fast.
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The Human World Intro
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