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Ten Kodori

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 Ten Kodori Character Sheet [Saved for later use.]

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Ten Kodori


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PostSubject: Ten Kodori Character Sheet [Saved for later use.]   Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:06 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Ten Kodori
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Race: Wulfen
Skill sheet:

Alchemy(Shut up.)
Effect:By using anything around him,even himself he can clap his hands and create anything he can imagine using those things and create chemical reactions with it as well.Think Fullmetal Alchemist.I know,shut up.

Well his powers are continuous.He uses ice, electricity and light, and darkness based powers that can be used in a variety of ways, even combining them.He has creative control over them as well, so he can do anything that falls into the category of the attributes that he uses.

Personality: He is very quiet and closed off.He normally would be very cold to someone and never open up for any reason.Sometimes you may not even notice he is there.He is easily angered and displays it by normally physically assaulting the person who angered him to teach him a lesson, unless he respects that person, then he stays quiet.

Ten is a serious person with expressive willpower. He doesn't make jokes and gets angry when people are too carefree. He's always obstinate about his training. To concentrate, he likes to meditate.

He usually puts walls on new relationships, what makes of him someone with few friends. This is much like a habit of his. His convincing power comes from threats and cold stares, intensifying his scary look.

Although, Ten's a very deep person, being able to comprehend more the eyes than words. He's correct and fair, and doesn't like to show happiness, but his tail's wagging says the contrary. He tries not to demonstrate as well, but he cares about the few friends he does have.

Likes: Silence, training in martial arts, reading, playing video games, drawing, small groups or staying solitary.
Dislikes:Loud noises, large groups, anyone distrusting in his opinion.
Phobias: None.
Aspirations: Not determined.


Weight: 210
Hair Color: He has a tall, muscular body, covered by a grey fur on his outer parts, and a white inner fur over his chest, face and hands. His grizzled tail has a combination of white, black and grey fur. A darker grey tone is seen on the ears, forehead and his long hair.
Eye Color: The scars on his face and his yellow eyes give him a threatening and respectful aspect.
Height: 6'7"
Special Traits: Scars on his face.
Appearance: Did you not read above?What is the point of this?

He was born into a quiet village in western Japan, away from all of the modern technology.He grew up cold and closed off for years to boost his own mentality, but he is far from selfish.

He didn't have much of a life, so far.He mostly trained all his life, meditated and studied.With time those studies paid off with the receiving of Hakai, which is when he first gained his powers.He was 13 at the time.He received scars on his face when he failed t catch real swords during training, a harsh way to learn but not he in unbelievably agile and fast.After 5 years he masters every form of abilities he currently has.His senses could even be heightened or lowered at will, which is useful in most situations.Now, after some down time he decided to travel, even becoming a closet gamer in his spare time.
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Ten Kodori Character Sheet [Saved for later use.]
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