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 Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]   Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:13 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Jason Orïlais Nicholai
Spirit:  Spirit of Direction
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age + Birthdate:  18yrs old / January 16th
Nationality: Irish - American
Race: Human
Skill sheet: [At the bottom.]

Personality:  Pervert, Respectful, Awkward and Otaku pretty much personifies Jason. Raised by his father who is a respected figure of the neighborhood. He was raised to always take note of everything and to learn as much as he could. He’s the type who always think thrice before considering to speak, a trait that makes him seem socially awkward.  He doesn’t have difficulty speaking to others, but always debate rather if he should or shouldn’t.

As much of a wallflower as he is, he shows respect to his elders and is kind to young children. He strongly believes that if you be good to others; others will be good to you.  It’s that philosophy that makes him hesitant to fight. He doesn’t want to hurt and wishes that the world would be gone with such hardships. But because that the world doesn’t resolve around him he tries to be as brave as he is perverted. He’s a master of sizing up girls- and incidentally guys- with a few moments notice.

Even with these traits he’s still somewhat pure hearted to the extent of disliking vulgar speech and would help anyone in the oddest of ways.

Likes: Likes learning and studying new environments and mapping. He admires the female’s body passionately but is sure not to express himself so in front of them.

Dislikes: Abuse to the needy, homeless, and orphans. He can’t stand senseless fighting as well as bad cooking.

Phobias: Losing another comrade.

Aspirations: Jason’s one true aspiration is to create a unified consensus. A world where everyone has agreed to laws that can everyone can benefit from. An impossible goal, but to him the best way to reach that goal is to know everything there is about this world.


Weight: 175lbs
Hair Color: Cobalt
Eye Color: Hue of Blue-Violet
Height: 5’ 8”

Special Traits: Whenever Jason uses his special abilities his eye color is changed into a glossy purple. When pushed to his limit, his life’s aura dissipating from his body becomes more visible to the trained eye (such as those with special abilities as well or seasoned fighters).

Appearance:  Jason is a slim, lanky yet athletic half-Irish young adult. He has faint freckles powdered across his nose and fair skin. His eyes are a dark blue, and depending on the lighting it’d look very violet. As strange as his eyes are, it’s really his messy vivid cobalt hair that stood out. Tied into what some may call a ponytail, his bulky hair goes down to his lower back.

He doesn’t exactly has a usual attire as he changes clothes according to the biome and weather. But on fair days he’s seen wearing sturdy boots with a long sleeved collared pleather shirt with worn pants. One things that stands out is a rather large traveling backpack he carries with him. Inside is more than enough supplies and items needed to survive in almost any environment for so many days such as multiple changes of clothes, flints, food and so on.

History:  His mother had mysteriously left when he was a child, leaving his dad to take care of them both. As a kid he started hearing and seeing creatures nearly everywhere he goes during the day and especially at night. After so long of this he becomes paranoid asking others if they see the monsters but they think he's unstable which leads to his father taking him to a psychiatrist for the next ten years. It was at when he was fifteen did a man known as Atlas, claiming to be an old friend of his mother, reveals that he is the heir to a forgotten kingdom.

Atlas took him to other realms where magic, mystics, demons, and even angels exist. There Jason was brought into an academy to forge potential future leaders of the realm into men. He had learned swordsmanship, learned of the land and its people, and eventually discovered his entitled spirit. In order to graduate he must become successful in his goal; to have a universal consensus.

Thus, Jason began his long, and dangerous journey, meeting many people; friends and enemies. He made comrades at a small village he was protecting from ravaging trolls. However, it was short lived as he failed to protect the village and watched his friends be ripped to shreds before his eyes. It was tragic incident that he barely escaped from, and one he’ll always remember and push him to correct this world. His road to kingship has only begun.

Skill Sheet:

Name: Low level Vector Manipulation
Cost: 1-10
Range: Physical contact
Duration:  N/A
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description:  Jason was taught how to use the force and energy from leverage and kinetic energy by never attack straight forward, like a jab, but to always hit with a curve or spin to increase its power. In other words, more spin equals more power. Since he was gymnast and acrobatic, thanks to his lanky figure, it’s easier for him to dodge, or parry and attack simultaneously.

He’s able to materialize kinetic energy around his body and whatever he touches making whatever attack he uses more dangerous and unstable. He can increase the power of his swings with more momentum. He could even lessen the power of his opponent’s attack to a small degree. However he can only do this when physically touching an object and only that object with his bare hands. Furthermore he’ll have to stay concentrated on what he’s doing and always be 100% sure of himself that he can do it, otherwise it’d fail- or even worse backlash right back at him.

Name: Slowed - Stop
Cost: 15
Range: Physical contact
Duration: 3 seconds
Cool-Down: 10 posts
Description: The most Jason can do with his abilities (as of now) is to bring a moving solid object to a absolute stop or slow its velocity. He’d need absolute certainty, absolute resolve, and absolute concentration in order to successfully do so. Furthermore he’d need to touch it with both hands. This technique requires at about a minute to mentally prepare. Jason must not be afraid or doubt himself otherwise it would cancel out.

Name: Dual Wielding
Cost: 1-7
Range: 1m
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A
Description:  Jason learned how to make the best of his abilities by learning swordplay with small weapons like daggers. He wields dual Kodaichi, one a little longer than the other, making it tricky for his opponents to judge his attack distance. As skilled as he’s becoming he’s never actually killed anyone nor will he ever. Even with the most evil of people he can’t bring himself to kill them- or even incapacitate them. He made sure that his Kodaichis weren’t sharp in the least and won’t be able to cut anything. And even then, he’s always hesitant and very naïve sometimes even being manipulated into fighting with the bad guys.
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Ten Kodori


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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]   Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:11 pm

I liked it.The face claim made me chuckle.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]   Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:14 am

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone resembling him so I just sketched him up. ;-;
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]   

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Character Sheet: Jason Nicholai [Human World]
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