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 Allen Hayes - The Brawling Courier

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PostSubject: Allen Hayes - The Brawling Courier   Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:07 am

Name: Allen Hayes
Spirit: Illus - The Energy Spirit
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 23 years old March 1
Race: Human

Skill sheet: Allen Hayes can take and conserve immense amounts of materialised energy. This energy is then converted to enhance his own normal physical capabilities such as converting a normal jab into a concrete-breaking punch or a simple jump into an aerial leap. His power also allows him to withstand some dangerous shocks and impacts to his body that would otherwise seriously injure a normal human.

Personality: Allen is free-spirited and is often optimistic. He constantly wears a smile on his face no matter where he goes. You can always trust him to lighten things up when things get too intense or moody in the room. Allen is also an avid adventurer. He enjoys going out to explore different terrains areas and cities. When he gets the chance of travelling to another place, he takes it with no second thoughts no matter the danger or the risks that can go with it. Having an ability that gives him some resistant to dangerous impacts, he can often be reckless and can get himself into little accidents. Although reckless and over-confident, Allen’s judgments on serious situations are not to be underestimated. Whenever he can take time to think before he acts, he can prove himself to be quite the smart one.

He takes great importance into maintaining his fitness to accommodate the power he harnesses. His immense power requires great strength on his part to handle it and yield it with efficiency. Therefore, he enjoys eating large meals and seems to be always snacking on something whenever he is around. When teased for being a glutton, he simply answers that he needs it for storing energy and that he’ll never know when he needs it next.

As for his relationships, Allen can spend prolonged times without seeing his friends or family. He is usually satisfied on occasionally ringing them and checking up on them. His work as a courier keeps him moving from place to place and can usually result in losing contact with his friends and family back in his hometown. When he gets the rare chance, he visits his parents and his younger siblings and stays with them for as long as he can.

On occasions, stress can get to Allen and he can get impatient and usually result in an outburst of cruel words and rage. He once blew out his entire floor with a stomp when he was a teenager. When things get too tough for him, he can get physical and resort to punching his feelings out. He takes his family seriously and will prioritize them as often as he can. Being the only provider out of his siblings and a solo job, he can get a bit prickly with working in teams. He is often used to carrying out tasks on his own and may take the idea of being helped as a sign of weakness.

Allen is overall an ordinary nice guy, with an extraordinary ability. Some people tend to take him lightly due to his above-average optimistic personality, but he can be trusted to take things seriously when needed.


  • Travelling- Allen is passionate about seeing the whole world. His wanting to go and explore was sparked by the travelling gypsies that passed his hometown.
  • Family- Allen being the oldest and the only working son in his family, greatly treasures spending time with his loved ones. his frequent travels also causes him to miss his family
  • Food- Allen needing constant energy to maintain his abilities found the easiest way to get energy is from eating food rather than gaining it from impacts on himself
  • Punching Bags-  Punching is Allen's favourite past time. It keeps him fit and as well as keep occupied on those boring days.


  • Moody situations and people- Allen usually avoids these usually because his often happy and optimistic personality may at times not benefit the mood
  • Hunger- Allen takes being hungry seriously, being able to conserve immense amounts of energy can only mean that if he is hungry, then he is at his weakest.
  • Seasickness- Travelling on ships and even small boats across water always leaves Allen with seasickness. Allen does not like being sick in any way.

Phobias: Allen’s biggest fear is being weak. All his other phobias stem out from being weak. When Allen encounters a problem he can’t solve, it can cause him to doubt himself and send him into a state of internal panic. He considers anything that could show him as someone weak as something he should be scared of. He knows of other people such as he with abilities like him, and is usually wary of them especially those with abilities that very much resemble magic, something Allen knows he can’t understand or do himself.

Aspirations: Allen’s life goal is to explore the entire world, recently he’s come to hear rumors of other existing worlds, and parallel dimensions with civilizations as developed but very much different from his own world. He wants to take his whole family to the places he’s been to and the places he’s yet to see. He is willing to do anything for even a chance to have a glimpse of these other world’s other travellers speak of.


Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 feet 0 inches
Special Traits: N/A

Appearance: Allen is a fairly tall individual. He is quite muscular and athletic in build. His hair is cut to a length above his shoulders. Allen usually leaves his hair ungroomed. Allen has a fair skin complexion, which makes his bright blue eyes seemingly glow. He often is found wearing a grey shirt, loose dark-coloured pants, reinforced steel boots, and black gloves. He also has some accessories on him such as bands on his arms and legs as well as a metal protector he wears on his knee but can be easily worn on his elbows too. Allen likes the freedom of movement as it serves as an advantage to his abilities. Allen likes to move around a lot. He needs to be constantly moving. He has an annoying habit of tapping his foot constantly when sitting or stationary. When engaged in combat, Allen assumes a boxer’s stance, crouching slightly and raising his fists close to his face. However, his attacks when chained together resemble somewhat of a free flowing dance, as he tends to use punching, kicking and grappling moves in a coordinated manner.

History: Allen Hayes was born to Allistair and Norenne Hayes on the first of March. Allen Hayes is the eldest of 6 brothers. Three of his younger brothers are still in their teen years and roughly three years ago his mother had twins. Allen’s family could be considered well-off, they were able to eat normal meals although Allen surprisingly had a huge appetite which only grew as he got older. Allen’s father, Allistair, works as an architect and his mother Norenne is a housewife. As a kid, Allen found everything interesting, most especially the gypsy folk who would pass their hometown twice a year. He would go up to their street shows and visit the tarot reader, Oslo who would tell him of the stories his fellow gypsies and their travels. Although Allen was scared of the old man’s magic tricks and illusions, especially his tarot readings, Allen continuously spoke with the man every time his troupe passes. Allen was so mesmerized with their travels that he pleaded with his parents to go travel with the gypsies. However, his parents were against letting their eldest spend his whole life as a gypsy or a performer. And so Allen grew up never leaving his hometown further than the nearby ones, only hearing about stories of what lay on the roads. He soon found his own Special Courier Services. He wanted to go off to see the world and so he took this as a chance to see the city for himself. Excited as he was to leave his hometown, he also missed his family very much, and so whenever he gets a chance to pass his hometown, he always pays his visit to his family first. Occasionally, bandits and thieves target him in his travels. Allen is always combat ready and prepared to give them a good beating.

At times, Allen would wonder where the gypsy troupe had gone off. He can’t remember the last time they had passed his hometown and hopefully he bumps into them somewhere. He would’ve gone into the tarot reader’s small carriage and tell Oslo about all the places he’d gone to and seen.

Spirit History: Allen did not know of the spirit, Illus's, existence in his body until he was five years old. Just as Allen matured and grew up so did Illus, and their abilities. Both human and spirit worked together to advance their capabilities in private. Neither Allen not  Illus knows the history behind their coexistence. Illus simply explains he came to exist as if he had woken up with no knowledge of anything. Illus can be best described as intense. Illus can get fired up at any moment usually in a very angry manner. He can be a hot-headed spirit and often encourage fighting is the solution to everything. Although brash, Illus can be very wise. Allen frequently talks to Illus and asks him for advice when situations get tough or heated up. Though they can disagree on most things, a common goal can make them achieve extreme feats.

Skill Sheet:

Name: Energy Absorb
Cost: N/A
Duration: Constantly Active
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen is able to absorb most forms of materialised energy (kinetic, heat, chemical, electrical, etc.) including slightly harmful rays and beams. His metabolism is altered to maximise energy retention from anything ingested. He is also able to store immense amounts of energy in his body without showing signs of overloading himself with energy.

Name: Super Strength
Cost: N/A
Duration: 3-5 Days
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen is able to lift heavy objects and moderately sized vehicles.

Name: Thick Skin
Cost: N/A
Duration: Constantly active
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen's ability to absorb energy hitting him and his ability to store it has given him advanced protection against strikes and heavy hits, however being hit by a rock 3-4 times his size would be enough to give him some bruising.

Name: Enhanced Speed
Cost: N/A
Duration: 5-7 Days
Cool-Down: 8 hours
Description: Allen can travel as fast as most vehicles (his maximum speed recorded: 190 kph) however the faster and longer he runs the more energy he burns up.

Name: Crater Maker
Cost: 10
Range: 100 metres - 500 metres
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Using either a drop-kick or his two fists, Allen can focus his energy into a high impact strike that can cause a slight tremor and a crater on the ground. This move is effective especially when Allen is trying to shove enemies away from him using the excessive gust produced from the strike.

Name: Triple Cyclone
Cost: 15
Range:0 metres
Duration: 3 seconds
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen kicks his opponent at the feet causing the opponent to fall then quickly knees his opponent's jaw upwards and send another uppercut sending his opponent just above the ground and then kicks his enemy flat on the face back on the ground.

Name: Mid-Air Crasher
Cost: 15
Range:0 metres
Duration: 6 seconds
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen smacks down his opponent and using his strength throws them high up in the air. He then leaps with immense speed to his target and throws heavy impact punches and kicks at high speed before smashing his opponent straight back to the ground.

Name: Speed Storm
Cost: 25
Range: up to 20 metres
Duration: 30 seconds
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Allen uses his speed to render himself almost invisible while running around his opponents. He then delivers numerous punches and kicks to his opponent to weaken and immobilise them inside the storm. After doing so, he appears on top of his enemy, diving towards them with a fist in the air, and gives his lethal punch.

Name: Spirit Punch [Special Move]
Cost: 80
Range: 0 metres
Duration: Attack is retained until contact with the opponent or released on purpose.
Cool-Down: 1 month
Description: Allen focuses his energy to one fist. Giving him a force of a 10 ton steel barricade running at 200 kph to be executed upon an opponent when that fist comes in contact with his target. In turn, this technique takes a large decrease in his speed to be executed, making it a lot harder to deliver the attack. Once Spirit Punch is activated it has to be delivered to a target. Although Allen has had practice delivering the technique, he is hesitant to execute it as it can deliver very serious injuries and extreme fatigue to his own body. Allen convinced himself that this attack he deviced should only ever be used as a last resort.

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PostSubject: Re: Allen Hayes - The Brawling Courier   Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:17 am

As for the Costs in the Skill sheet, I structured it having the maximum of 100 points in mind. I hope that's okay.
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Allen Hayes - The Brawling Courier
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