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 TWEWY Character Sheet: Shun(completed)

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PostSubject: TWEWY Character Sheet: Shun(completed)   Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:08 pm

Name: Shun Amagai
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Shun is 6'2,a beige skin color, has blue eyes, and wears a kimono for clothing. (Traditional Japanese Garments which is sometimes worn by the samurais.)

Starting from the bottom he wears sandals called geta which increases his height by 3 inches. Following that is a red baggy pants(hakama) which is held up with a black belt made of wool.Next he wears a white shirt(shitagi), which is tied on each end to create an intersection in the middle with the two sides of the shirt. He also wears a black headband and black socks. He carries with him two long swords, a dagger, and in his back pocket, a pistol.
Character traits: 

 Extremely Fast

Likes to murder random people

Backstory including death: 
      Shun growed up a prosperous young man. He grew up in Chofu,Tokyo with middle-class parents and a fair size house. He had two brothers who resented him because he had always beaten their Final Average in school. 
      Shun had a happy life. He was extremely intelligent and was quick on his feet; however, his parents had realized that this was his problem.Shun had not realized it yet, but because of his powers.... his abilities  he gained many enemies..all apart of an organization called The K.K.K (The korean killing krew). This group of people were terrorists, hired to kill every samurai in tokyo( with very horrible spelling). 
    Most people didn't know but because of his physical prowess he was recruited to fight this group. Knowing that their son was very inexperienced in the war field, Shun's parents tried to protect him by giving the K.K.K money, but sadly they were assassinated.
   The night after their death Shun had just found their bodies hanging from the palm tree in their front yard. He was devastated. And knowing that it was not possible to ever get them back he killed himself full of despair and depression. 

He then entered the game and his wound was fully healed with Shun ready to face what is ahead of him.

Entree fee: His Samurai Snow Globe(It is all he has left of his parents)
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TWEWY Character Sheet: Shun(completed)
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