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 TWEWY charactr sheet Repeater (Accepted)

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PostSubject: TWEWY charactr sheet Repeater (Accepted)   Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:55 pm

Name: Kusano 
Age: 8
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual 
Appearance: She got long blond hair. She wears a white dress and most of the time if she does see a flower she puts it in her hair. She got green eyes and  a  smile on her face most of the time. I really am fast attached to the person close to me. That is why Ku always stays close to that person and most of the time behind that person. That is because she is scared easily.    Besides of that does she look really clumsy and makes alot of awkward mistakes. That is also why she specially when she is alone walking like she got no life in her.  SHe then doesnt have much self respect or believe in herself. Then you could see her cry. 


Defining  character traits: 
Posetive: she is really fast
Negative: She is not strong
She got alot of stamina too
She is really bad at being alone and really desorientated because of that


Backstory including death: 
Kusano was born in a small city. She lived really happy. She grew up and enjoyed her time at school. She was sweet and nice to everyone and even while she was still young she helped where she could. She had alot of love in her heart and alot strong believe inherself. 

She spended most of her time oustide between the woods and plants and the flowers. SHe loves bflowers. In hr young eyes they were beautifull and interesting. On school she was in short called Ku. It was a cute name thougth Ku. Still her life wasnt that beautifull all the time. Because she was so nice and all she also was really weak and that made her a target for bullies. 

First they beated her up. She always ran away. still while the time passed by she got alot faster. At some point she just ran away from them and they wwerent able to catch up to her. 

After that problem was solved in her life she lost her mother on a disease that appearsed in the city. Her dad lost control of himself and drank alot of alcohol. He got anger problems and no one was brave enough to step up to help him. Ku wanted to help her dad but he only hurted her. 216 

She cried alot an lost all her self respect. SHe lost her feelings and felt alone. She wanted her mother back. SHe wanted to be with her. With ehr sweet mommy who always was nice and good for her. After her dad found out about it he yelled at her. SHe started crying. Her dad lost now his control and told her to be quiet. She couldnt she was in so much pain and so sad. Her dad grabbed a honkball bat and  started to hit her breaking her bones. 

He yelled at her to shut my mouth. Ku didnt. Her dad grabbed a knife and said "If you want to be with your mother so badly then here go to her "

He attacked her andinjured her so bad that she died

That is how she ended up  in th game and this world 
There her body got healed from injuries and it looked like she never got hurt. 

Entree fee: The memories of her Mother
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TWEWY charactr sheet Repeater (Accepted)
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