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 New Character Created

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PostSubject: New Character Created   Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:05 pm

Name: Valinal

Age: 18

Affiliation: Not Known

Job: None yet

Hobbies: Sleeping and reading

Personality: Trying to learn more things, Valinal mostly keeps quiet at most of the times, trying to find ways of manipulating his conversational target. He is not exactly the fighting type and he dislikes brutes who find physical violence as their only solution. There are rare times when Valinal's mind snaps and he adapts an entirely different state of thoughts. These are dark, twisted homocidaly insane flashbacks inside his head are a reflection of his past life.

Appearance: He has pale skin with black, middle length hair which fall in front of one of his light blue eyes. He wears a pure white shirt and tight black jeans with a white belt. Over his shirt, he wears a black jacket with metalic details and a grey bandage on his left armrest. At his feet, he wears leather, black boots with metalic straps. He has a little capsule with blood that he wears it as an amulet, although he rarely wears it.

Positive #1: He often uses his mind on difficult occasions which usually proves useful.

Positive #2: He is very agile and can run quickly for a respectable amount of time.

Negative #1: His body isn't very muscular so, if caught, he cannot fight back or resist for long.

Negative #2: While his rarely seen personality, his brain suddenly switches to the other, unused half and when he finally finds his reason, he cannot recall any of the time of his mad self.

Background: As a young boy, Valinal had all kinds of family violence within his house. Fro the drunk state of his father to the hysterical cries and beatings of his mother. In time, he learned to endure those kinds of violence as his behavior changed quickly fro an energetic child to a serious and lonesome teenager. It was this night. A night of fear and blood that changed his entire life. His father came home from another useless day of drunkeness and beat him and his mother as usual. The pain was endurable as his blurry mind wouldn't let him use more power than slapping the a few times. But he didn't stop there. When he realised that Valinal wasn't hurt much, he went to his library and ripped most of his books and burned them afterwards. Valinal was heartbroken but it was a pain he could stand once more. His father then threatened him with his mother's life, saying that he would "rip her guts out". Valinal, in his calm state of mind, didn't think that liquor would make a man do the unthinkable. Unfortunately, he was wrong. For the first time in his entire life, he was wrong. In all his years, he never took the wrong decision. Until now. And that cost him his mother's life. Without a second thought, Valinal took the knife from his father's hand and stabbed him in the heart fifty times. No regret, no remorse, nothing. The family house was turned in flames moments after as the rest of the townsfolk gathered around the house, trying to put out the fire but it was no use. By the time they got there, most of the house was covered in flames. After the disaster was over, they found the two family members' corpses, burned up. But the third member of the family was nowhere to be found. The house is abandoned since then and believed to be cursed by the third victim whose body was never found. But Valinal knew better. No curse had been fell on the house. No ghosts wandered around. Because in his mind, there was never a third family member.

Last edited by Valinal on Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:22 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Not fully understood the rules untill now, putting positives and negatives respectively.)
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New Character Created
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