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 How Things Work Around Here. [Must Read]

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PostSubject: How Things Work Around Here. [Must Read]   Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:17 pm

So first of all, this is a Rp Forum. We may be affiliated with Dueling Academies and maybe other things, but this forum was made for the sole purpose of Rping. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

1. There is a ranking system where after a certain amount of posts you move up a rank. You can find the ranks at the bottom and below you will find how many posts you will need to move up the ranking system.

Recruit - Only needs 1 post (preferably your intro post )
Member - 50 posts
Roleplayer - 100 Posts
Living Life - 200 Posts
Relevant Soul - 500 Posts
Explorer - 1000
Deicide - 2000
Wanderer - 5000
Kirby - 100,000 (Tis a joke rank but if anyone ever reaches it... congrats, you will be worshiped xD)

But do not fret. All of these ranks will come easy to gain the more you RP cause the more you Rp the more you post. ^^

2. How Rping works here. There will be a total of 3 to 4 Main Rps, idk depends on how big this forum gets, the more we have the more Main Rps there are. Members can create Rps as well but they can only be Side Rps, these Side Rps cant be huge, just small stories where there is a fast end. Rp Directors are in charge of the Main Rps, as well as are in charge of accepting your Side RP idea, or not. Rp support are there to help out with any of the Main Rps, and Side Rps, they are there for the ones who cant get everything together.

3. There will be contests to test ones Rp abilities, writing abilities, and anything else, me and RP Directors can start these. There will also be tournaments which ME AND ONLY ME will be in charge of. Every Contest winner will get one type of good prize for sure, such as 100-1000 points depending on what it is, and maybe get their own rank if they win a tournament.

The person who keeps the winning rank will keep it until another person claims it.

4. Guys... this is a place for RP, and to have fun, and to make friends, why the hell do we need to start up stupid drama. The only drama we can have is drama that is based around RPING, or an argument on which RP is better or not (Obvi mine cause heh you want that kiss up points xD) nothing else!.

5. Banning system here works like this. You get 1 warning, then if the Supporter or Director is feeling generous you get 2 then a kick, then you get a 5 min ban then a 10 min then it keeps going the time getting larger and larger.

6. There are probably things that i have missed and will be too lazy to edit so, as soon as you get on chat, you will eventually learn the rules around this place even better so =/
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How Things Work Around Here. [Must Read]
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