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 repeater(human world)

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PostSubject: repeater(human world)   Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:09 pm

Name: Sunnivah
Spirit: Sword misteress Inori
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Age + Birthdate: 19 August the 19 th
Nationality: Japanese
Race: Human
Skill sheet:

Personality: kind, nice , sicial, can be annoying, selfless, respectfull
Likes: almost everything. She likes
Dislikes: She dislikes toture and people who are mean tyo her or her friends. She also dislikes losing
Phobias: affraid to fail
Aspirations: SHe doesnt really have a goal. SHe just wants to be happy and being able to protect herself family and her friends and enjoy her life as much as she can.

Weight: 59 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 1,62 meter
Special Traits: is good with a sword and fast
Appearance: She always wears a light armor like you see in the pic/face claim

She lived a good life. Had nice parents and agood collage. Just a normal life without any special things that happened. Still already when she was young she was able to contact with a spirit. tyhe name of the spirit was sword misteress Inori. In short she called her Inori.

Her life passed bye and she grew up and got oldr. Went to collage. Stiull from young age she already started to learn how to fight with swords. Back then she wanted to become the best sword figghter on the world. She only later changed that because she learned it isnt all about being strong but being happy in life and that the person who uses its sword and the aspirtation behind it mad e the worrir.

When she finished her collage she was 17 and a true swordmaster. She felt she had to do something with her life and decided to travel and help peoepel whenever she could. SHe wanted to help to make the worlsd a better one. Now a few years later she is 19 and walks jus bought a room in the tavern of a city. She sat on the bar and ordered a wine.

After a few minutes she finally got her wine and her food and started to eat. That is where heer storyt begins

Skill Sheet:

Name: Sword slash
Cost: 5
Range: 2.5 meters
Duration: 3 sec
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: Sun wings her sword around her dealing damge to her surrounding. Her range speed and strenghth are increased

Name: Sword of flames
Cost: 8
Range: 2 meters
Duration 5 minutes
Cool- Down : 10 posts
Discription: My swords blade is surrounded with flames dealing extra damage and turn everything on fire what ts touches.

Name : Changing tactics.
cost : 5
range : 30 meters.
Cool-Down: 6 posts
Duration : 5 sec - 10 minutes
I change my sword for a huge shield that reflects all damge for the time its up. I can use it to summon it infront of myself or my allies.
So i can protect them. Only i cant use my sword as long as the shield is up

Name : Dagger of Life
range : 6 meters (can also throw it)
cool down: 5 posts
cost 5
duration: 2 minutes
Discription. :I summon a small dagger.
By stabbing the dagger in herself or someoen else she can heal someoen. The sword doesnt hurt the person who gets stabbed by it and leaaves no marks or scar. The person gets totally healed in 2 minutes. I dont have to hold the dagger while its healing the person. I can just go somewhere else while the dagger is stil in the body. It will atomaical disapear after 2 min

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PostSubject: Re: repeater(human world)   Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:30 pm

Accepted, might wanna check with fire on the dagger of life thing though.
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PostSubject: Re: repeater(human world)   Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:39 pm

its just a way too uuhm keep my support an dhealing and keep it to my characters style. Since she someoen using a sword.
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PostSubject: Re: repeater(human world)   

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repeater(human world)
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