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 TWEWY Character Sheet [Rang] (Accepted)

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PostSubject: TWEWY Character Sheet [Rang] (Accepted)   Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:00 pm

Name: Rang

Age: 16

Gender: Male
Sexuality: None

Appearance: Rang is 5'9'' tall, during the day he died he was wearing orange and white sneakers, an old pair, cargo pants that went down to his ankles, the pants had more than two pockets, as well as a zipper that went through the middle, giving Rang the option of making the cargo pants, into shorts. A black colored belt, to help keep his pants in place. He was wearing a long sleeved black plain shirt, along with an small orange/red jacket vest, that had two pockets. Around his neck, there was a purple colored pair of headphones. His eye color was yellow brown, it gave off a golden tint. Orange/Red looking hair, keeping it down to his neck.

Defining character traits:



Interested in many things


Hate's everyone (except Lex)

Will do things on his own, not asking for help. (execpt Lex)

Backstory including death: Rang, born in a rich family, he had everything he wanted. Having a nack for learning things, this got Rang into a lot of trouble. This is what got him killed in the first place. During school, a rumor one day was going around school, it was about how there was a figure spotted near the dense forest behind the school. Asked to not enter it because it was dangerous by the school, the community placed up a fence, to block off any teenagers, that felt like exploring. To Rang this was a challenge, not thinking much about the dense forest in the past, it never gave him a reason to climb towards it and explore. The next day, Rang was walking towards the fence, Lex his best friend behind him, trying to talk him out of it, but nothing was going through Rang's mind. Rang was holding an axe that was sitting in the storage house behind his big house. As soon as he got close enough to the fence he started chopping at it, breaking the steel coated wire easily. "Cmon" he told Lex, getting through the crack with ease. Not waiting for him. Both of them walked around the dense forest, wacking away flys and mosqitoes, a couple of hours have past before they realized there was nothing. But at that moment they realizes they were lost. For all they knew the forest was as big as the town they lived in. Or bigger. That was when the wolves came. Coming in 5 surrounding both Lex and Rang. Both Rang and Lex ran in one direction, Rang thinking more about Lex's saftey more than for himself, knew exactly what to do. Slowing down, making sure that Lex had the lead, he called to Lex "Yo! When you get out go to the police!". Getting slower and slower the wolves came closer, attacking him first. All of them ripping him apart, leaving him dead.

Entree fee: The need to learn
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TWEWY Character Sheet [Rang] (Accepted)
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