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 TWEWY Char: Brooklyn (accepted)

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PostSubject: TWEWY Char: Brooklyn (accepted)   Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:55 pm

Name: Brooklyn
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Brooklyn is of average height, standing at 5'5", she has extremely dark brown hair, appearing black unless examined very closely, that falls a few inches past her breasts and is usually messy and in a state of general disarray. She typically wears dark colored t-shirts that contour nicely to her body as well as black jeans with a white belt. Besides that she wears black converse, a watch on one wrist, a plain wristband on the other, and a pendant around her neck. She always has headphones either on her head or around her neck plugged into an iPod kept in her pocket.

Defining character traits: Usually really snarky, can't function well with people. Vastly knowledgeable with programming and game dev, however extremely lazy and doesnt like applying herself.


Backstory including death: Brooklyn lived a rather average life, her parents divorced when she was 8 and she stayed with there mother most of the time, only visiting her father one weekend a month. Shortly after the divorce her mother remarried and had another daughter. Growing up her mother introduced her to many rock bands from the 60's and up which in turned caused her to have an almost unhealthy obsession with the band members. Other than that she read almost constantly (most things not at all what one would consider child appropriate) when she wasn't reading she was gaming, because reading was great and all, but gaming allowed her to take control of a character and live out the fantasy life as she chose. These books and games eventually spurred Brooklyn to writing her own stories and to attempt to pursue a career in game development and story writing. All her goals and ambitions originated from that initial love of reading. On her 18th birthday her stepfather gave her three tickets to an upcoming Mötley Crüe concert. A month after her birthday, and the day before the concert, Brooklyn and her two best friends got rooms in a hotel that was walking distance from the were the concert was being held. The next day the three friends had the time of their lives at the concert, when everything was said and done the started walking back to their hotel, when a car pulled up beside them. A man stepped out of the car with a gun raised and fired, killing one of Booklyn's friends instantly. The two surviving turned and ran down an alley Brooklyn ahead, when she heard another gunshot ring out. Looking back she saw her other friend as he dropped to the ground and hit something solid, another person, an accomplice of the first. He forced her against a wall, one knee between her legs while his forearm crushed her throat, holding her against the wall, a pistol in his hand. With his free hand he felt up and down her body, pulling her wallet from her pocket and ripping her pendant from her neck. Finding nothing more of value on her, oddly enough he didnt take the iPod or the watch. He removed his arm from her throat and Brooklyn coughed and sputtered, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her cheeks when he grabbed her face in his hand and slammed the back of her head against the wall, over and over he rammed her skull into the wall, splitting it open dashing her brains out as thick blood gurgled from her mouth. With one last smash he released her head and as her body began to slump to the ground he pistol whipped her, cracking the front of her skull. As Brooklyn's body lay on the ground the man finished off with a powerful curb stomp to her throat. The robbers sped away with the meager $73.47 the three friends had between them leaving the bodies in the alley.

Entree fee: Music.
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TWEWY Char: Brooklyn (accepted)
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